Brigitte Bardot

« My dream is perfect harmony between nature, humans and animals. »
— Répliques et Piques – Brigitte Bardot, François Bagnaud – L’Archipel

“She is the biggest star in France, yet at the same time the very antithesis of a star. 1954 was a year in which women were expected to be virtuous. She was not. 1973 was a year in which women were expected to be licentious. She was not and is still not. She pays no heed to these terms.”

Françoise Sagan (1975)


A myth,
an insolent beauty

Brigitte Bardot is a heavenly being. Beyond those incredible looks, she is more than just one of the most beautiful women in the world.
“Fate placed her in the exact place where dreams and reality interweave. Her beauty and talent are indisputable, but she also possesses something else, an elusive attribute which inspires idolatry in an age bereft of deities.” (1958) Jean Cocteau, poet

A myth, an insolent beauty

“Her greatest quality, which is rare in this profession, is her truth… Beyond her beauty, her elegance, her classiness, the most important thing for her and also the hardest to maintain is her authenticity.”

Christine Gouze-Rénal, producer of several BB. films including The Bride Is Much Too Beautiful, The Woman and the Puppet and A Very Private Affair


a free being

Brigitte Bardot is very genuine, just, sure of who she is. A blend of simplicity, honesty, and intensity, she has remained just the person she wanted to be. She embodies a particular type of freedom, and spontaneity, even if this risk offending.
Time has taught me to recognise truth, and truth is resistant to time.” BB. In 1967 General de Gaulle said “It seems to me that this young person has an admirable simplicity of nature.”


an extraordinary woman

“I am a rebel, an insurgent, a revolutionary.”
BB. has always had the audacity of the shy who refuse compromises with great energy.  She has lived her life as she chooses. Bardot has shown that a woman may behave in the traditional manner of a man, as a warrior even when defending her ideas.
“She has become a global symbol of a joyful girl who leaves the more girly girls, to play with the boisterous troop of boys.”

Bold; an extraordinary woman

Et voilà, that’s me; changeable but not fickle, haughty but very shy, happy but a little too sensitive, nostalgic but always ready to see the humour at the end of the story.”

Harmony; the happy rapport between the parts of a whole: friends, animals, and nature


the happy rapport between the parts of a whole: friends, animals, and nature

The quest for a harmonious world is one of her ultimate aim of existence. She deeply loves the sun, nature and animals, respects them and defends their rights.
She was aware very early on of the damage caused by humans; she believes that animals are the future of humanity, as well as plants, rivers, seas and oceans. “Brave and individual, she admires true values, animals, nature and love.”