Licenses and collaborations

Bring some ‘joie de vivre’ and meaning to your products with absolute respect of animals

“Fate placed her in the exact place where dreams and reality interweave. Her beauty and talent are indisputable, but she also possesses something else, an elusive attribute which inspires idolatry in an age bereft of deities.”

Jean Cocteau, poet (1958)
Brigitte BARDOT Lingerie

Brigitte BARDOT Lingerie

(since 2016 – Europe) When femininity takes on its full meaning. The retro-glamour French-style collections reveal the brand’s personality to appeal to all women.

Brigitte BARDOT Bain

Brigitte BARDOT Bain

(since 2017 – Europe) “Sun, sand and shells” to sail the sea, lounge on the warm sand or beach party on the sunset, there is a B.B swimwear for every woman!

Brigitte BARDOT X Pull & Bear collaboration

Brigitte Bardot x Pull&Bear

(2022 – 2023 – Global) – Capsule collection of a T-shirt and a sweatshirt, two of the women’s wardrobe must-have pieces, featuring iconic portraits of Brigitte Bardot taken by Terry O’Neill.

Brigitte BARDOT X Displate collaboration

Brigitte Bardot x Displate

(2022 – 2023 – Global) – A collection of over thirty emblematic visuals of Brigitte Bardot immortalized by the photographer Leonard de Raemy, printed on magnetic metal support and available in various formats.


Brigitte Bardot x Bagllerina

(2022-2023 – Global) – Ballerinas and sandals collection, available in three colors. Bagllerina honors the authenticity of raffia in this summery capsule. The collection is a reminder of Brigitte Bardot affinity for danse and nature and, also, of course, of her one of a kind “joie de vivre”.


Brigitte Bardot X François Pinton

(2021 – 2023 – Global) – Iconic BB. sunglasses made in France in acetate. Maison François Pinton, sensitive to legendary personalities, pays tribute to the Brigitte Bardot myth through models that evoke key places and moments in her life.


Brigitte Bardot X OLT

(2021  -2023 – Global) – Brigitte Bardot embroidered book clutch bags in limited numbered series, one of which was created in collaboration with the film Le Mepris by Jean-Luc Godard (Studio Canal).

Anine Bing

Brigitte Bardot x Anine Bing

(2019 – 2025 – Global) – A line of sweatshirts and tops printed with a famous portrait of Brigitte Bardot with a cigarette in hand, photographed in Spain by Terry O’Neill, who deeply marked Anine Bing. Brigitte has inspired her and stayed with her through her years in the fashion industry.

Epona Valley

Brigitte Bardot x Epona Valley

(2022 – Global) – Inspired by a natural and bold Brigitte Bardot – whom she has always admired – Epona Valley has designed a special collection of jewels and hair accessories. All items are handmade and respectful of the environment.

Supplément d'AM

Brigitte Bardot x Supplément d’A.M

(2022-2023 – Global) – Scarves and pareo capsule collection 100% cotton, inspired by the icon, Brigitte Bardot. Like colorful paintings about Brigitte Bardot love for sun and sea.

Brigitte Bardot x JENNE

Brigitte Bardot x JENNE

(2022 – 2023 – Japan) – A Japanese ready-to-wear line inspired by the Parisian fashion that Brigitte Bardot embodies so well. The collection features skirts and bags with patterns made iconic by BB.

Brigitte Bardot x Francine Bramli

Brigitte Bardot x Francine Bramli Paris

(2022 – 2023 – Worldwide) – A summery collection rich in vibrant colours and unique shapes, featuring 16 models of French-made earrings directly inspired by a radiant Brigitte Bardot.


Brigitte Bardot x Little Sunny Bite

(2021-2022 – Japan) – A clothing line with t-shirts, sweatshirts as well as bags printed with some famous portraits of Brigitte Bardot for a streetwear, colorful and oversize style.

Brigitte Bardot x Nautilus Art Prints

Brigitte Bardot x Nautilus Art Prints

(2023 – 2026 – Worldwide) – The poster for the remastering of Jean-Luc Godard’s famous film “Le Mépris” (rights held by Studiocanal) in three formats to mark the 60th anniversary of this New Wave cinematic masterpiece. A limited, numbered edition by Belgian illustrator Laurent Durieux (distributed by Nautilus Art Prints).

Brigitte BARDOT X Jean Curran Collaboration

Brigitte Bardot x Jean Curran

(2023 – 2025 – Global) – Limited edition of thirteen photographs from the original negative of Jean-Luc Godard’s film “Comtempt” (Studio Canal), printed by dye transfer by the only contemporary artist mastering this technique, Irish Jean Curran, known for her unique and extraordinarily luminous artworks.


Brigitte Bardot x LNG

(2022-2024 – Global) – An original art collection made by the French plastic artist, LNG. The artist uses a large range of the Brigitte Bardot iconic visuals in order to pay tribute to the various aspects of Brigitte Bardot inspiring personality, both bold and wise.



(2021-2023 – Europe) – A collection of 13 portraits of Brigitte Bardot available in 9 media, such as aluminum prints, foam, wood or even the wall sticker, all available in 7 formats.


Bardot. beauty

(2020 – 2024 – USA, Global) – Luxury vegan hair care; produced with 100% respect to the animals. A collection of hair products inspired by Bardot’s iconic hair looks – free-spirited, coquette, feminine, effortless style comprises voluminous shampoo, voluminous conditioner, a Lift + Volume spray, dry texture spray, dry shampoo, and a travel kit.


Brigitte BARDOT x Origin France

(2021 – 2022 – Europe) – Launch of a bold capsule collection made up of 2 #madeinfrance, 100% cotton bed sets. They embody the 50’s-60’s glorious years of Brigitte Bardot through iconic prints such as the gingham, the daisy that BB is so fond of and the “toile de Jouy” revisited with a Brigitte Bardot silhouette.

Champagne Besserat de Bellefon

Champagne Besserat de Bellefon

(2019-2020 – Global) – Pure, inspired, genius; signed, the Brigitte Bardot cuvée shines with the radiance of the ‘French chic’ which she spreads around the world.


Limitato X Brigitte Bardot

(Until 2022 – Global) – New menswear capsule tribute to two personalities Brigitte Bardot and the photographer Terry O’Neill, and to a mythical visual with outstanding quality items created by the Swedish label Limitato.


Massimo Dutti x Brigitte Bardot

(2020 – 2021 – Global) – Massimo Dutti x Brigitte Bardot capsule of T-shirts in sustainable lineJoin Life “Care for fiber” made from sustainably managed forest timber to ensure reforestation.

Clio Blue x Brigitte Bardot

Clio Blue x Brigitte Bardot

(2016 – 2018 – Europe) a line of feminine jewelry (bracelets, rings, chokers, earrings) in a refined style combining elegance and retro. Among the proposed themes, a collection with the famous gingham, reminiscent of the legendary printed dress worn by the legendary Babydoll in the 1950s and a daisy motif that recalls her signature.

Snidel X Brigitte Bardot

Snidel X Brigitte Bardot

(2018 – Japan / Asia) A high-end collection of women items (dress, trench coat, tops, shoes) and small gifts decorated with handwritten messages from the star herself.


Brigitte Bardot Clothing

(2012 – 2020 Europe) A large high-end collection for women sold in more than 40 countries designed to “Make the woman even more beautiful”. The BB style evokes an ultra-feminine fashion, relaxed and chic at the same time, retro, bohemian, romantic or sixties but in tune with the times…


La Redoute X Brigitte Bardot

(2014 – 2017 Europe) – Three apparel mini-collections reflecting the

universe of BB., with iconic styles such as gingham or English embroidery.


Phyto Plage x Brigitte Bardot

(2015 to 2018 – World) A line of cosmetic products for hair exposed to the sun and the sea: protective oil, protective veil, rehydrating shampoo, repairing mask, repairing spray.


La Redoute Intérieur X Brigitte Bardot

(2016 – 2017 – Global) – Home capsule collection, furniture and fashion decoration for a BB-inspired Mediterranean interior.