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Archive video INA / « Reflets de Cannes : émission du 15 mai 1957 »  

Archive photographs of Brigitte Bardot 

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Léonard de Raemy, 

Brigitte Bardot on the beach in 1950 – Stills (Gamma-Rapho), 

Brigitte Bardot shooting “Private Affairs” in Spoleto – Reporters Associés (Gamma-Rapho) 

Brigitte Bardot circa 1958 – Keystone France (Gamma-Rapho) 

Brigitte Bardot during the shooting of the film “Private Affairs” in 1961 – Giancarlo Botti (Gamma-Rapho) 


Photographs by Jean-Pierre Bonnotte (Gamma-Rapho) 


  • Portrait of Brigitte Bardot in Rome in May 1967  
  • Portrait of Brigitte Bardot in “La Madrague” in 1967 
  • Brigitte Bardot in “La Madrague” 
  • Brigitte Bardot in Saint-Tropez in 1968 
  • Brigitte Bardot floppy hat in 1968 
  • Brigitte Bardot guitar  


Archive photographs from INA  

Brigitte Bardot, during the shooting of the song “La fille de paille” for the “Sacha Show” show, the 12/03/1969 – Jacques Chevry  

Portrait of Brigitte Bardot during the performance of the song “Alors raconte” while shooting the show “Parade de fin d’année, 29/12/1957 – Gérand Landau  

Premiere of the movie “Le Repos du Guerrier” with Brigitte Bardot at the movie theater “Colisée”, 04/09/1962 – Daniel Fallot 




La Madrague – Photo D.R. – Album vinyle – Label Wagram (24/10/16)
(Jean-Max Rivière / Gérard Bourgeois) Ed Warner Chapell Music France (P) © 1963 Mercury Music Group  

Harley Davidson – Photo D.R. – Album vinyle – Disc AZ – Universal / CD Mercury 06/04/11
(Serge Gainsbourg) Ed. Sidonie – Melody Nelson Publishing (P)© 1967 Mercury Music Group

Bonnie & Clyde – Photo D.R. Guidotti – Album vinyle – Label Mercury (30/09/16)
En duo avec Serge Gainsbourg – (Serge Gainsbourg) Ed. Sidonie – Melody Nelson Publishing (P)© 1968 Mercury Music Group 


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